Hello! I’m Siera. I am currently a student at Brigham Young University double majoring in Information Systems and Russian. I am also getting a minor in Digital Humanities and Technology. I know what you’re all thinking and yes, I expect to graduate someday.

I love all things creative, so information systems called to all my passions; it incorporates creativity and problem solving and I’m allowed to break things (code) to improve the overall look and design of a webpage. My minor, digital humanities and technology, will provide me the skills and specialties I need to be be a boss web designer.

You may ask, okay, so what is the deal with Russian? Well, let me tell you. Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to learn a language. I never had opportunities to learn another language growing up and I served my mission English speaking so when I came to college, the first class I signed up for was Russian language 101. I chose Russian because a) it’s a beautiful language b) Russian is one of the three languages my husband speaks and c) Someday when we have a family, we want our children to grow up bilingual. For that to effectively happen, I first have to learn a second language and consequently I chose Russian.

Not only am I a student, but I am also a wife to the most wonderful person I have ever known, my husband Karl. If you want to learn more about him, go check out his about page on LinkedIn. Our future plans are to live somewhere international where our children can be exposed to different languages and cultures and have a little better understanding of the world around them.

In my free time I love working out, swimming, interior designing, thinking up new business ideas and doing high adventure activities like ziplining, rafting, and paragliding.